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Seeking 2-3 student interns who are passionate about TV production and Social media. We need the following:

   •  Asst. producer for in studio and off site tapings

   •  Post production edition/

   •  Set Design

   •  Building Social Media presence

   •  Booking guest

   •  Marketing

   •  Asst. to Executive Director / Creator

Great TV production hands on experience.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: Venus Crute’

Secrets of College Planning

Social media summer intern should have a solid understanding of how each social media channel works and how to optimize content so that it is engaging on those channels. You are responsible for joining relevant conversations on behalf of the Secrets of College Planning show brand on Princeton T.V. and “soft selling” the shows by providing support to current shows and prospective clients. 

  1. Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

  2. Ongoing summer project: Social Media intern 

  3. Working June, July, and August 

Contact: Anthony Uva

Cosmic Crossings Concert Series

Here is a a chance to sharpen their skills by recording our concerts as long as we have written permission by the artist/band performing. This would include editing, camera work, etc. The only thing we would want is a copy of the finished product to post to our website, etc.



Phone: 609.393.4349

Skype: nick.mellis

Writer / Researcher with strong interest in law & social justice 

Pro Se Nation - Long Valley, NJ - Internship

Pro Se Nation: understand the law 'for oneself' is an organization established in July 2015 dedicated to helping all citizens better understand the law and legal principles. The goal of Pro Se Nation is to do for the law what Wired Magazine did for technology -- make it fun, accessible, interesting, and meaningful in language that everyone can understand.

Two to three writers and researchers are needed to brainstorm, contribute story ideas, write and edit feature and news stories for the website, develop social media messages and press releases, as well as scripts and questions for the Pro Se Nation talk show.

The talk show streams on Princeton Community TV and is also distributed on My Central Jersey & The Courier News.

Topics covered on the talk show have included: divorce with dignity, mediation and alternate dispute resolution, access to justice for the average person, whistleblower law, eminent domain, class actions, entertainment & media law, what every entrepreneur should know about the law, lawyers as peacemakers: a new vision of what lawyers could be, a new approach to contract law, laws that could improve income equality and why lawyers and legal professionals love what they do.

Seeking interns who have a strong interest in the law and justice and are passionate about helping average citizens better understand the law so they may be empowered to stand up for their rights, be more knowledgeable when choosing an attorney if they are unable to handle a dispute on their own and raise the level of awareness about laws that have an impact on our everyday lives.

This would be great experience for someone considering entering law school or the legal profession who is also interested in helping to shape a revolutionary educational organization.

Assignments will be discussed primarily by phone and e-mail. Occasional face-to-face meetings will be scheduled. Candidates need to be able to work independently and meet deadlines.

Learn more about Pro Se Nation on the website: and watch the talk show on YouTube at: and also in the 'On Demand' section of

A recent short version of the talk show with an accompanying feature story can be accessed on My Central Jersey / The Courier News at:

Please submit resume' and one or two writing samples.

Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar

A 30 minute show featuring guest experts who provide solutions to the most common crises plaguing the average person today.   Since May 2016, 35 guests for 37 segment for shows have already been recorded.  My co-producer, Ron Rossnick and I are currently seeking 3 interns who have a passion for broadcast media and marketing communications. You will receive hands-on experience supporting the production and marketing of our TV show.  A balance of “capability”, willingness to learn and eagerness to engage in several functions:

* Post production editing support for TV show segments

* Assisting in shooting sponsor videos

* Post-production editing of sponsor videos

* Assist in creation and maintenance of "Stop My Crisis" TV show Facebook page

* Post episodes and segments to Vimeo, YouTube and social media

* Research stations for involvement

* Research media outlets and write press releases on featured segments for local press

* Promote "Stop My Crisis" on social media 

I look forward to training and working with you; as both a trained guest expert who has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news throughout the U.S. as well as having owned a Marking and P.R. firm.   Ron Rossnick, my co-producer has extensive knowledge and expertise in video production, technology and photography.    Please contact Vivian Gaspar at

New Beginnings

"New Beginnings is a show featuring guests who are starting new beginnings in the form of a business, writing a book, developing a product or project.  People who create change in their lives and the communities in which they live and work.  I am looking for an intern to assist with editing the show and assist with promoting the show on social media.

If you are interested in working with "New Beginnings", please contact Karen at"


My show is called Pathways. It is a show about ordinary people who do extraordinary things. The small heroes of the world. I am looking for an intern or two who would go with me to  places like Trenton and Camden and film my guests and occasionally help me edit and make the shows more interesting visually. Please contact me by email or call at 609-577-2544, or email me at My website is or my Facebook page Pathwayswithjenny.


The name of my show is Natasha.  It is a 30 minute interview show on subjects that span the spectrum of our humanity ranging from tattoos to nuclear weapons, spiritual inquiry, creative expression, social change, personal change, surviving the “unsurvivable”, wrongful conviction, addiction, and more.


I don’t know how many interns I would need – maybe only one who could do all the things I’m interested in – social media, set design, seeking out sponsors – or maybe it would be individuals who have those specialties – for limited periods of time.


Contact me at or at 609-689-9063 (land line so texting won’t get to me).


Thanks for any possibilities.  I am open for discussion.

Talented People

"Talented People" is looking for intern(s) to assist with the production of the show. "Talented People" is a talk show which features all kinds of talented people in different areas.  A lot of our shows feature "The talent behind the talent. We are looking for an intern to help out with these tasks:

    Video Editing

    Pre-show preparation of guests

    On-location interviews 

    Some Social media

If you are interested in working with "Talented People", please contact Colleen at "

Tea Talk Real Talk

I am currently looking for 2-3 student interns who have a passion for the industry and who will get hands-on experience producing my TV show.  I am looking for them to assist with the following:


Set Designer to assist in setting up the set

Videographer & Editor to assist in filming shows outside the studio, editingAssist with Researching and Scheduling interesting guest for the show

Assist in Marketing it on all social media platforms and my website

An Assistant Producer to my show

Contact Sharon Levy at

ADAM a Breezin with Bierman Production is looking for intern(s

I am looking for an intern(s) to assist me in the following tasks:

·         Helping to direct the show

·         Assisting in the process of locating interesting guests


The show is one hour long filmed usually on the last Friday of every month , around 5pm.  It features 3 to 4 guests a show.  With political, social, business and entertainment world.  We also have live comedy , musical acts, skits.

Contact: Adam at

The following programs are currently looking for interns or volunteers. Any questions please write us at

Princeton Community TV • 1 Monument Drive • Princeton, NJ 08540   609-252-1963 •

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